Wagn lets you "follow" individual cards or all cards of a given type. You will be sent an email when other people change a card that you are following.


Gerry is an active member of the Wagn community, and he wants to jump in and help when people need it.  So he "follows" the Support Ticket to get notified when one is added or updated.


follow a card


Whenever you are logged in, the card menus will include a top-level "follow" link.  Click that link to follow that card.


follow all cards of a given type


Navigate to a Cardtype card, and then follow the same procedure as above.


unfollow a card


If you are following a card, the menus link will read "following" instead of "follow".  When you mouse over it, it changes to "unfollow".  Click that link to unfollow the card or cards.


see what cards a user is following


There is not yet quick interface for this, but you can go to |user's card|+*following to see a Pointer card that indicates which cards a given user is following.   When a signed-in user clicks "follow" or "unfollow" anywhere on the site, this card is automatically updated.  It can also be edited directly like any Pointer.





  • Notification emails go to the address associated with your User card.  The other fields are customized via the follower notification email, which functions largely like any other Email template.
  • If you are following a card, and someone edits a card it includes (like +discussion), you will get a notification. This makes notifications work as expected for structured cards.