implement captcha




(Theres's a note on implement modules that says to do this as a module.)


Captcha cardtype - name is challenge, content is response


If "|cardtype|+Captcha" (Toggle) exists and is 1, when Anonymous tries to edit/rename/cardtype change/delete/comment on cards of that type, then make there a captcha.


In English:

"Basic+*captcha" exists but is 0 (and is 'inherited' by other cardtype)

"Account Request+*captcha" exists and is 1

The Captcha card itself lists cards with "*captcha" as their right part in close view.



reCaptcha keys: I believe our registered reCaptcha key will work on all domains. should we make it available or require that folks downloading Wagn register their own keys? (I put them in wagn.rb for now)

  --Lewis Hoffman.....Fri Oct 23 11:34:29 -0700 2009

I guess you didn't release it that way. They have to be added. I'm adding a separate file to config/initializers/

  --Gerry Gleason.....Fri Nov 27 05:12:07 -0800 2009

UI-wise, this should be in "related -> type", right? for the per type setting. And connected to Account Request type for the signup setting?

  --Gerry Gleason.....Fri Nov 27 05:14:03 -0800 2009