install breaks on `` exec syntax on windows.

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When I attempt the initial 'rake db:migrate' (with an empty MySQL database), everything builds up to (and including) the 'wiki_references' table. Immediately thereafter, rake aborts with this error: 'Exec format error - rake wagn:load_bootstrap_data'

  --Eric Kramer (Not signed in).....Fri Dec 28 10:43:24 PST 2007

An update... The problem is in the `` references within 001_jump_to_version_109.rb. I'm on Windows and this Exec syntax didn't work (for whatever reason).

My workaround: (1) comments out line #125 (the rake system command call) within db/migrate/001_jump_to_version_109.rb, (2) run the initial migration 'rake db:migrate VERSION=1' (2) run 'rake wagn:load_bootstrap_data' myself, (3) run the remaining migrations: 'rake db:migrate'

I suggest someone try doing a brand new install as this might help reproduce the problem so you can fix migration 001. Thanks!

  --Eric Kramer (Not signed in).....Fri Dec 28 13:19:02 PST 2007