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There is often information about a card which you want very visible/obvious by some means other than formatting. For example:

  • whether a card is viewable by anyone
  • whether a card is used in code (assuming we add something like "+*used in code" — see expose card metadata in cards)
  • ??


(Note that what counts as metadata is in the eye of the beholder. Any solution wouldn't really be limited to metadata, it's just the most obvious use case.)



We probably want multiple solutions in the long run.


1. color card backgrounds would work.


2. Another would be to have something in the card's title bar. (This would work nicely with the title bar based solution to make simple edit-alternative to double click.) Say, an icon-sized image (e.g. "*used in code+1+image" or "*used in code+0+image"), always visible, to the left of whatever menu items (if any) are in the right corner.


It would be controlled by a setting, +*title icons (Pointer). For example, if "foo+*self+*title icons" points to "*used in code" for a card foo then if the value of "foo+*used in code" matches _2 of foo+<anything>+image, that image would be shown in icon view.


If multiple such icons are shown, the ones from the most general settings (i.e. *all+*used in code) appear right-most. If more than one emerges from the same scope, the earlier ones in the Pointer appear right-most.



expand_less +discussion

As there is currently no obvious way for people to know which cards they can only see due to their role, it is difficult to meaningfully discuss rights and permissions in advance of difficulties arising as conflict. Not sure about John's light red background, as more default color instructions tend to complicate things for those disinclined to play a design-heavy role. I'd be more in favor of something easy to find in the now-you-see-it menu but not so invasive.

  --Brandon WilliamsCraig.....Mon Nov 22 17:46:01 -0800 2010

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