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Not really an issue as much as an idea:


I thought it would be interesting to have the possibility for a cross wagn card integration. I.e. some sort of notation to allow a wagn card from another site, to be 'included' in one's own wagn.


Seems to follow with the open source/ creative commons spirit. Perhaps its something already under consideration


Obviously this becomes more useful as # of wagns (or decks) increase; but it could be pretty cool on say, to be able to include cards from; I imagine that other cross wagn possibilities might be interesting in the future. I guess this gets really interesting if one could integrate a set of cards too. The obvious caveat is that permissions should be clear with a feature such as this; to the user running the content (whether it can be included elsewhere) and to the user including the content.



- Vishal

There is a blueprint DeckoSystems that discusses this idea

--Philipp Kuehl.....2014-09-03 13:03:50 +0000