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I have upgraded from wagn 0.12.0rc2 to 0.13.0

using MySQL and Apache as front-end + mongrel cluster

DB migrations have run ok.

After the upgrade the file and image upload does not work anymore. It seems to stay in uploading forever....

There is nothing in the Log indicating any error.

Any ideas what might go wrong ?





Thanks for the report/question, Michael!


Some images/files are taking a loooong time to upload (a minute or longer). We very much want to get this fixed in 1.0 but aren't clear of the pattern yet.


Try letting it sit a while and see if that works. Try a very small file (like 8k) and see if that works. Let us know what happens, any details of file size/type that seems to make a difference...

I have been looking more at this and I see that you are using S3 to store files.
Is there any way to disable S3 and just use the file system as before ?



  --Michael Bock.....Thu May 14 05:21:17 -0700 2009

I found out: setting
System.attachment_storage = :file_system
in wagn.rb does the job.


  --Michael Bock.....Thu May 14 06:44:08 -0700 2009