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Set Rule
Twitter template RichText : {{+*message}} {{+*consumer key}} {{+*consumer secret}} {{+*access token}} {{+*access secret}}
Feature RichText :




{{+discussion|titled; show:comment_box}}
[[_self+tickets for item|Tickets relevant to {{_self|name}}]]
Recipe RichText :
{{+preparation time | labeled}}
{{+serves | labeled}}
{{+diet | labeled | link}}
{{+tags | labeled | link}}
{{+discussion|titled; show:comment_box}}
Blueprint HTML :
Also see:
{{+tickets for item|closed}}
Point Releases RichText :
Date: {{+date}}





{{+tickets by status|titled}}


{{+Documentation Ticket|titled}}




{{+upgrade notes|closed}}



Idea RichText :












{{+discussion|open; show:comment_box}}

{{+discussed in support tickets|titled; item:link}}
{{+relevant user stories|titled; item:link}}
Ticket RichText :








{{+discussion|open; show:comment_box}}


{{+discussed in support tickets|titled|link}}
User Story RichText :



Tag with the [[tickets]], [[ideas]], [[blueprints]] and/or [[decks]] it's relevant to:





Step RichText :











The Wagn Way


{{+What's special about Wagn?}}


On to the next step: {{+next step|type:Phrase}}



Back to [[Become a Wagneer]]

Support Ticket RichText :

Support Ticket

{{+screenshot|titled; size:large}}
Email template RichText :

{{+*from | labeled | link}} {{+*to | labeled | link}} {{+*cc | labeled | link}} {{+*bcc | labeled | link}} {{+*subject | titled}} {{+*html message | titled}} {{+*text message | titled}} {{+*attach | titled}}

Wagn Circle RichText :






{{+Attendees|titled; item:link}}



Work Session RichText :





Phase RichText :



TechNote RichText :





Diet RichText :




{{+relevant recipes|titled}}

Design RichText :







[[+tickets for item|Tickets relevant to {{_self|name}}]]

Cardtype RichText :


{{_|add_link}}  {{_|configure_link}}

{{+*type+by name|content}}

Role RichText :



User RichText :



{{+wiki|titled; show:comment_box}}

Tags: {{+tags|item:link}}


Topic RichText :








Company RichText :






How To RichText :










barbar RichText :




Testimonial RichText :

{{+quote | type:PlainText}}



Documentation Ticket RichText :

{{+status|item:link;show:menu}}, {{+priority|item:link;show:menu}}, {{+assigned to|item:link}}









Sign up RichText :


Release RichText :







{{+upgrade notes|closed}}


{{+tickets by status|titled}}


{{+Documentation Ticket|titled}}



Job RichText :





{{+closing date|labeled}}




Peer RichText :




Tags: {{+tags|item:link}}



Event RichText :

When: {{+date}} {{+time}}

Where: {{+location}}




Demonstration notes:


Meeting RichText :

Who: {{+who|item:link}}



Deck application RichText :

Your name: {{+your name}}


What you want to do with your deck



Person RichText :

Contact info

Name: {{+person-name}}
Phone: {{+person-phone}}

My profile

Field RichText : An {{_self|name}} might be interested in:



*when created Phrase :
*when last edited
relevant user stories Search : { "type":"User Story", "plus": ["tag", {"refer_to": "_left"} ] }
closed Search : { "found_by": "_left", "right_plus": ["status", {"match": "closed"} ] }
taggers Search : { "plus": ["tag", {"refer_to": "_left"} ] }
edited_by Search : {'edited by':'_LL'}
right content Search : {"content": "_left"}
*created Search : {"created_by": "_left", "sort": "create", "dir": "desc" }
*creator Search : {"creator_of": "_left"}
*edited Search : {"edited_by": "_left", "view": "change"}
*editors Search : {"editor_of": "_left"}
acknowledged Search : {"found_by": "_left", "plus": ["status", {"match": "acknowledged"} ] }
can't reproduce Search : {"found_by": "_left", "plus": ["status", {"match": "can't reproduce"} ] }
no email addresses Search : {"found_by": "_left", "not": {"plus": "email"}, "sort": "name" }
high priority Search : {"found_by": "_left", "plus":["priority", {"content": "high"} ] }
by name Search : {"found_by": "_left", "sort": "name" }
not closed Search : {"found_by": "_left", "not":{"right_plus": ["status", {"refer_to": "closed"}]} }
pending Search : {"found_by": "_left", "right_plus": ["status", {"match": "pending"} ] }
answered Search : {"found_by": "_left", "right_plus": ["status", {"refer_to": "answered"} ] }
open Search : {"found_by": "_left", "right_plus": ["status", {"refer_to": "open"} ] }
count Search : {"found_by": "_left", "return": "count" }
tix Search : {"found_by": "_left", "append": "ticket tag summary", "view": "content"}
reverse order Search : {"found_by": "_left", "dir": "desc"}
email addresses Search : {"found_by": "_left", "plus": "email", "sort": "name", "append": "email"}
for weekly update Search : {"found_by": "_left", "sort": "alpha", "append": "update"}
by descending create Search : {"found_by": "_left", "sort": "create", "dir":"desc"}
by create Search : {"found_by": "_left", "sort": "create"}
by update Search : {"found_by": "_left", "sort": "update"}
*count Search : {"found_by":"_left", "return":"count" }
not tagged closed Search : {"found_by":"_left","not":{"plus":["tag",{"refer_to":"closed"}]}}
append note data Search : {"found_by":"_LL","append":"note data"}
*included by Search : {"include":"_left"}
*includes Search : {"included_by":"_left"}
recent inclusion changes Search : {"included_by":{"type":"_left"}, "sort":"update", "view": "change" }
*left Search : {"left": "_left"}
hour list Search : {"left":{"found_by":"_left"},"right":"hours"}
*type plus right Set : {"left":{"type":"_LL"}, "right":"_LR"}
*linked to by Search : {"link_to":"_left"}
*links to Search : {"linked_to_by":"_left"}
*members Search : {"member_of": "_left", "sort":"name"}
*self Set : {"name":"_left"}
*children Search : {"part":"_left"}
tickets assigned to User Search : {"plus": ["assigned to", {"refer_to": "_left"} ], "not": {"plus": ["status", {"refer_to": "closed"} ] } }
virtual search that finds enclosing card Search : {"plus": ["capitano", {"refer_to": "_left"} ] }
anything closed tagged with Search : {"plus": ["status", {"refer_to": "closed"} ], "right_plus": ["tag", {"refer_to": "_left"} ] }
*mates Search : {"plus":"_left"}
*referred to by Search : {"refer_to":"_left", "sort": "name" }
relevant discussion Search : {"referred_to_by": {"left": "_left", "right": "re"}, "append": "discussion"}
*refers to Search : {"referred_to_by":"_left", "sort": "name" }
reference Search : {"referred_to_by":{"left":"_LL"}, "or":{"type":["in","Cardtype","Features","Setting"], "included_by":"Syntax Reference" } }
right Search : {"right_plus": "_left"}
Tag and status Search : {"right_plus":["tag", {"refer_to":"_LL"}], "plus":["status",{"refer_to":"_LR"}]}
*tagged Search : {"right_plus":["tags", {"refer_to":"_left"}]}
on right Search : {"right": "_left"}
permissions for role Search : {"right": {"name": ["in", "*create,", "*read", "*update", "*delete"] }, "refer_to": "_LL", "limit": "0", "sort": "name", "view": "closed" }
*right Set : {"right":"_left"}
high Search : {"type": "_left", "right_plus": ["priority", {"refer_to": "high"}]}
low Search : {"type": "_left", "right_plus": ["priority", {"refer_to": "low"}]}
medium Search : {"type": "_left", "right_plus": ["priority", {"refer_to": "medium"}]}
Documentation Ticket Search : {"type": "Documentation Ticket", "plus": ["tag", {"refer_to": "_left"} ] }
doc tickets tagged with Search : {"type": "Documentation Ticket", "plus": ["tag", {"refer_to": "_left"} ], "not": {"plus": ["status", {"content": "closed"} ] } }
ideas for item Search : {"type": "Idea", "plus": ["tag", {"refer_to": "_left"} ] }
ideas tagged with Search : {"type": "Idea", "plus": ["tag", {"refer_to": "_left"} ], "not": {"plus": ["status", {"content": "closed"} ] } }
notes for user Search : {"type": "Note", "plus": ["who", {"refer_to":"_left"} ], "sort":"create", "dir":"desc" }
coopetitors with tag Search : {"type": "Peer", "plus": ["tag", {"refer_to": "_left"} ], "sort": "name" }
peers with tag
Point Releases Search : {"type": "Point Releases", "left": "_left", "sort":"alpha"}
projects of this status Search : {"type": "Project", "right_plus": ["project status", {"refer_to": "_left"} ] }
relevant recipes Search : {"type": "Recipe", "plus": ["diet", {"refer_to": "_LL"}] }
your support tickets Search : {"type": "Support Ticket", "edited_by": "_LL", "not": {"plus": ["status", {"refer_to": "closed"} ] } }
discussed in support tickets Search : {"type": "Support Ticket", "plus": ["discussion", {"refer_to": "_LL"} ] }
support tickets tagged with Search : {"type": "Support Ticket", "plus": ["tag", {"refer_to": "_left"} ], "not": {"plus": ["status", {"content": "closed"} ] } }
priority tickets Search : {"type": "Ticket", "plus": ["priority", {"refer_to": "_LL"} ] }
dev tickets tagged with Search : {"type": "Ticket", "plus": ["tag", {"refer_to": "_left"} ], "not": {"plus": ["status", {"content": "closed"} ] } }
support tickets for item Search : {"type": "Ticket", "plus": ["tag", {"refer_to": "_left"} ], "not": {"plus": ["status", {"content": "closed"} ] }, "view": "link" }
closed tickets for item Search : {"type": "Ticket", "plus": ["tag", {"refer_to": "_left"} ], "right_plus": ["status", {"content": "closed"} ] }
closed tickets Search : {"type": "Ticket", "plus": ["tag", {"refer_to": "_left"} ], "right_plus": ["status", {"refer_to": "closed"} ] }
coded tickets Search : {"type": "Ticket", "plus": ["tag", {"refer_to": "_left"} ], "right_plus": ["status", {"refer_to": "coded"} ], "view": "closed" }
in progress tickets Search : {"type": "Ticket", "plus": ["tag", {"refer_to": "_left"} ], "right_plus": ["status", {"refer_to": "in progress"} ], "view": "closed" }
open tickets Search : {"type": "Ticket", "plus": ["tag", {"refer_to": "_left"} ], "right_plus": ["status", {"refer_to": "open"} ], "view": "closed" }
testing tickets Search : {"type": "Ticket", "plus": ["tag", {"refer_to": "_left"} ], "right_plus": ["status", {"refer_to": "testing"} ], "view": "closed" }
tickets needing design Search : {"type": "Ticket", "right_plus": ["tag", {"refer_to": "Design"} ], "plus": ["tag", {"refer_to": "_left"} ] }
documenting tickets Search : {"type": "Ticket", "plus": ["tag", {"refer_to": "_left"} ], "right_plus": ["status", {"content": "documenting"} ], "view": "closed" }
users with tag Search : {"type": "User", "plus": ["tag", {"refer_to": "_left"} ] }
tags these people Search : {"type": "User", "plus": ["tag", {"refer_to": "_LL"} ] }
*type cards Search : {"type":"_left", "sort":"name"}
*type Set : {"type":"_left"}
priority ideas Search : {"type":"Idea", "right_plus":["priority", { "refer_to": "_left" } ] }
Leads with status Search : {"type":"Lead", "right_plus":["status",{"refer_to":"_left"}]}
my current tickets Search : {"type":"Ticket", "right_plus":["tag",{"refer_to":"Wagn 1.0"}], "plus":["assigned to",{"refer_to":"_left"}], "not":{"right_plus": ["status", {"content": "closed"} ] }, "sort":"update" }
dev ticket Search : {"type":"Ticket", "plus":["tag",{"refer_to":"_left"}]}
*account settings RichText : {{_left+*account|content}} {{_left+*roles|title: Roles}} {{_left+*follow|title: Notification choices}}
*watching Search : /* fixit - once "type" accepts card defs: {"or": {"and": {"plus": ["*watcher", {"refer_to": "_left"} ], "not": {"type": "Cardtype"} } } {"type": {"plus": ["*watcher", {"refer_to": "_left"} ], "type": "Cardtype"} } } */ {"plus": ["*watcher", {"refer_to": "_left"} ], "view": "change" }
name8 Search : /* Plussing any cardtype card to name8 gets cards of that type in groups of 8 */ {"type": "_left", "limit": 8, "sort": "name", "view": "link"}
addressed tickets Search : /* Shows all tickets until we can search twice on same parameter */ {"type": "Ticket", "plus": ["status", {"content": "closed"} ], "plus": ["tag", {"refer_to": "_left"} ] }
foo RichText :

Header 1



Header 2



Header 3



Header 4




tickets by status RichText :

[[_left+open tickets|open]]

{{_left+open tickets}}

[[_left+in progress tickets|in progress]]

{{_left+in progress tickets}}

[[_left+coded tickets|coded]]

{{_left+coded tickets}}

[[_left+testing tickets|testing]]

{{_left+testing tickets}}

[[_left+closed tickets|closed]]

{{_left+closed tickets}}

all ticket summary RichText :


{{_left+tickets for item}}

dev ticket summary RichText :


[[_left+tickets by status]]

{{_left+dev tickets|item:link}}


howto video HTML :
setup procedure RichText :
  1. set hosting to [[Wagneer]]:
  2. enter wagn in [[ |spreadsheet]]
  3. create Wagn 

    from deploy branch:

    ~/dev/wagn/port/generate.rb name num [domain1 [, domain2]]
  4. send acceptance email:
    {{_left+acceptance email|closed}}
    • drop consultation bit if no consulting requested (boilerplate needed)
    • drop payment message if payment already visible (boilerplate needed)
    • drop domain thing if no domain given.
    • Sanity check: click on link to make sure all is working before sending!
  5. Tell Ethan if additional consulting is requested.


Ticket tag summary RichText :

[[_left+tickets for item|all tickets]] | [[_left+tickets by status|dev tickets]] : {{_left|link}}

address label RichText :



address RichText :

{{_left+street address}}

{{_left+city}}, {{_left+state}} {{_left+postal code}}

ticket line view RichText :






changes with content RichText :



older User card info RichText :

{{_left+nerdy nickname|titled}}




{{_left+interest in Wagn|titled}}

update RichText :

 {{_left+Contract+date signed}} {{+first payment made}} {{_left+website}}


{{_left+GC Staff notes|closed}}



{{_left+tickets by status|closed}}






tickets for item RichText :

Development Tickets ([[_left+tickets by status|by status]])

{{_left+dev tickets tagged with+not closed|item:link}}



{{_left+ideas tagged with+not closed|item:link}}


Documentation Tickets

{{_left+doc tickets tagged with+not closed|item:link}}


Support Tickets

{{_left+support tickets tagged with+not closed|item:link}}


{{_left+anything closed tagged with|closed}}

{{_left+relevant user stories|closed}}

include in edit view RichText :

The raw content of [[_left]]:



setup RichText :

wagn title: {{_left+title}}

subdomain: {{_left+subdomain}}

domain (optional): {{_left+domain}}

Google Analytics key: {{_left+ga key|type:Phrase}} / installed? {{_left+key installed|type:Toggle}}


Monthly Fee: {{_left+monthly fee}} / Hours: {{_left+monthly hours}}

Date signed (for hosting cycle day of month): {{_left+contract+date signed}}





Client signifies agreement to the above terms by checking the following:


TemplateButtonsBug RichText : This text should just appear when cards are plussed to TemplateButtonsBug, with no Save/Cancel buttons.
acceptance email PlainText : To: {{_left+email|naked}} Subject: Your Wagn is ready for you Hi {{_left+contact person|naked}}, Your Wagn is up and rolling. To get started setting up your site, go to {{_left|name}} It will prompt you to create an administrator account and then to start configuring. Our records currently indicate that you have not yet scheduled monthly payments. Our policy is to assume good faith, so we've gone ahead with the site setup, but we request that you [[|schedule payments online]] as soon as possible. Our payment procedure is still quite new and needs ironing out; please contact us if you encounter a problem. As mentioned on the registration, our current hosting fee is $20 per month. We're very grateful that you've agreed to purchase hosting with us and in so doing support the Wagn project. Note that the initial hosting commitment is for just 3 months, but you may upgrade at any time if you would like help crafting your wagn website or developing new features. You mentioned that you would like for {{_left+domain|naked}} to point to your website. For that to work, you will need to have your domain registrar point that domain to this IP address: Once that's working, our server will show your website to all visitors to {{_left+domain|naked}}. But we will still need to make it your default domain so visitors won't see {{_left|name}} in the browser. So please contact once your domain is pointing to our servers. If you'd like more help getting going with your Wagn, please contact us at -- The Wagn Team
*type plus right
User+edited by Search : {"edited_by":"_LL"}
Testimonial+newspaperish HTML :
microstructure+further reference RichText : _self
only show inclusion once in edit mode+example RichText :

Edit this +example card and you'll see both inclusions, but only the latter value gets saved. Confusing at best.







Packs RichText :

Packs have been renamed to Mods:


Here are the old cards organized around the word "Packs" before it was renamed:

{{_self|closed;structure: Blueprint+*type+*structure}}