A Set is a card that defines a group of cards.  


Any given card belongs to multiple sets. For example, the card named Wiki on Wheels is a member of these three sets:

rules are created by connecting Setting to Set with the following formula:

Set + Setting = rules

Each Set card offers a convenient interface for viewing and editing related Rules.  For example:


There are currently eight kinds of sets.  From broadest to narrowest, they are:

  1. All Cards: *all
  2. All Plus Cards: *all plus — (learn about plus cards)
  3. All Cards of Type X: |Type X|+*type — (learn about card types)
  4. Star Cards: *star — (learn about star cards)
  5. Cards ending in +(Star Card): *rstar
  6. Cards ending in +(Name X): |Name X|+*right
  7. (Type X) + (Name Y) Cards: |Type X|+|Name Y|+*type plus right
  8. A Single Card: |Name X|+*self

 Any rules on narrower set (higher number) will override a broader one (lower number).


For example, suppose you want to have a special layout for a card named "World Map".  You can set the layout for that one card with the following Rule: "World Map+*self+*layout".  Note that this connects a Set of one card ("World Map+*self") to the Setting "*layout".  This rule would overrule any broader *layout rule, such as *all+*layout, because the single card set (#8 above) is narrower than the set of all cards (#1 above).


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