ADA compliance for Images (alt & title support)

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Images inserted via inclusion don't support ALT or TITLE tags so readers for visually impaired have nothing to render.


Also missing: mouseover tooltips, creative commons attributions

Peek at:


I've added +alt and +title tags to this image.  Those should probably be a part of the standard image edit mode.


Ideally the wagn code would generate the HTML thusly <img src="[path]" alt="[+alt text] title="[+title text]" />


Frankly, you could have the alt and title tags default to the card name if there are no pluscards present for them.  That'd be awesome!


I'm not quite sure how to deal with Creative Commons attributions... except to add something like +attribution card. It probably wouldn't render in the HTML (I suppose it could attribution="some text here" would probably just be ignored by the browser) but it would certainly be visible when somebody views that actual image card.


There was an idea for alt, which would work for title as well -- put image plus *alt and *title in image alt and title tags. Does that handle it? Further conversation on alt/title there... --John

expose Image cards metadata addresses attribution, and more.

  --John Abbe.....Wed Aug 26 17:09:46 -0700 2009