Active Update Cards



It would be nice if when a card was open to a search card (for example *recent_changes) that the card would auto-update if there are new items in the search.  Come to think of it, this would be cool for any card.  Maybe a setting to turn it on?




Nice idea. Related, just today I added integrate EtherPad. --John

Now that I renamed it, I'm thinking this is really more about card views, and maybe we should call it "Live Card Views" or something like that. It would then have both aspects of showing live changes in regular wagn cards as well as representing live applications in a card/slot window in html. Maybe the second case is "Live Card Extensions", but maybe it is just the cross of the "Live Card Views" with "Live Extensions", something we want for integrate EtherPad and similar extensions.

  --Gerry Gleason.....Sun Jan 23 05:10:57 -0800 2011

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