Adding extra elements and properties, textarea or pre, seems to fail

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When editing the tinyMCE, and trying to add certain extended_valid_elements,

it seems not to take effect.

textarea tags are completely removed. And all properties of pre tags aswell.


I would like to use these for syntax highlighting :)

+ ","

+ "textarea[cols|rows|disabled|name|readonly|class],"

+ "pre[cols|rows|disabled|name|readonly]"


those elements are stripped by the backend in wagn's html cleaning process.  It's not yet configurable, but you can work around this by including HTML cards (which are unfiltered).

Thanks for the reply!

I was trying to add a Syntax Highlighter to the Editor, specifically for it's ease of use.

The HTML workaround is useful, but not for frequent use I think.

Any tips welcome.


(What an amazing piece of software Wagn is btw! Major thanks!)

  --Sickboy.....Fri Mar 19 07:23:08 -0700 2010

Well, what I'd *love* to do is make html cleaning an option using the new sets/setting approach, which would only take an hour or two of work (like a thousand other things, right?). Better yet, I'd love to have it as finely configurable as tinyMCE is, though that would take a good bit more thought. I'll look into getting something like this into our path, which could happen quick if I can get a funder interested.


Do you code? And are you using git for the installation? If so, I could tell you some code to comment out that might stop it from stripping, which is fine if you're not expecting to have public editors.


you know, a *really* hacky approach would be to just put the pre tag itself in an html card. then you could do and . Wow, that's pretty ugly.

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Fri Mar 19 07:40:52 -0700 2010

Interesting, thank you! I do code, and use git.


The wagn is intended to be used by public editors, altough behind the Invite filter.


Your pre|naked approach, altough ugly, might be a suitable workaround, I will experiment some :)

  --Sickboy.....Fri Mar 19 07:44:56 -0700 2010

make HTML cleaning a setting

  --John Abbe.....Sun May 02 07:55:57 -0700 2010