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Why is there no active discussion on WAGN yet there is still activity on GitHub? Has the development discussion moved to another forum?


One site,, is currently driving almost all new development on the Wagn platform (which will soon be renamed to "Decko"). Even within the WikiRate project, there are several different areas of discussion; the dev team is using Slack and Pivotal Tracker, the community creates tickets directly on the site itself, the consortium adds still other concerns on a separate wagn site...


Clearly we need to make all of this more inclusive and transparent (while still allowing collaborators to carry on private conversations when appropriate), and we expect to get more serious about solving the problem soon. (or, soon,, will almost certainly be part of whatever scheme we come up with. Thanks for the reminder that this matter really needs attention soon.

--Ethan McCutchen.....2016-09-11 05:24:58 UTC