Autosave overwriting new content

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can't reproduce

While editing a card autosave repeatedly overwrote my new content with old content.

I was editing the included card by double clicking on its content when this happened.


This would be a high priority to fix in my humble opinion. No one likes to see their work dissapear through the mechanisms designed to save their work.

I agree that whatever is causing you to lose changes is a high priority, but I'm having a hard time seeing how autosave could be doing this. The autosave function is pretty straightforward, and the only thing it should be able to change on the screen is the "alert" box (typically in the lower right corner).


However, there are several other things that could lead to this kind of reversion:


1. clicking "edit" when you're already on the editor

2. clicking "content" on the subtab when you're already editing

3. delayed responses for multiple double-clicks and/or edit link clicks


Do any of those sound like they could be the cause? How long after the initial load did this happen? A few seconds? (fwiw, autosave shouldn't start until at least 20 seconds in).


Of course, I could be wrong and it could be an autosave thing, but I'm struggling to figure out how.

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Sun Aug 08 12:47:28 -0700 2010

Hey Ethan... It could have been delayed responses for multiple double-clicks... though I don't think so... Seemed to happen certainly more than 20 seconds in... I watch my won behavior and see if it happens again...

  --Peter Kindfield.....Sun Aug 08 15:12:31 -0700 2010