Blockquote text style is extra big

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The general question is what things should look like under the default styles.  I can override this for my site or for this use, but I don't understand if this style is as designed and why.

On this page, there is a simple blockquote and the text is way bigger than the regular text.  I inspected and it seems that in *all+*style somewhere there is a font size of 17.5 for blockquote elements.  Is that what is really wanted?


That's the bootstrap way.

It's defensible when you're really using blockquotes for quotes (like in a magazine). It doesn't really work when you use them for indenting, like we've been doing to avoid inline styling.

In general, I don't really want to override too much of the core bootstrap tag styling, because that kills a lot of the value of the whole thing.

For the specific case of indenting, I think we need a better approach (like whitelisted inline css rules for text) that compromises neither bootstrap nor wagn ideas.

Of course, for any specific deck it would be fine (and quick) to override the css here with something like:

blockquote { font-size: 1em }

--Ethan McCutchen.....2015-05-18 03:47:59 +0000

I was just wondering if it was as expected. Override is a fine solution. Seems like one-size-fits-all isn't completely appropriate here.

From a stylistic standpoint, this "pop-out" style of quoting is probably more the exception than the rule with Wagns. Content that is more prose like will often be quoting content and want it inset and possibly smaller, but content that is more about presentation and interaction will be more likely to use a quote block to make something pop-out. We probably have a lot of both.

--Gerry Gleason.....2015-05-23 15:25:27 +0000