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Hi C.W. — I notice you just edited turned off *all+*captcha, which we would like on to protect against spam. Want to tell me why you did that? --John Abbe, 2011-02-17

Oops! Did I do that for everyone? NOT what I meant to do. Sorry.


I was getting frustrated with the captcha request for every card change during a sandbox session.


I thought my account was tied to the sandbox (since I cannot sign in on the sandbox).


Can I make updates within sandbox without the repeated captcha?




  --C.W. Gabel Trefz.....Thu Feb 17 11:53:25 -0800 2011



There's no connection between here and the Sandbox. It reset every day at midnight, so feel free to turn *all+*captcha off there :-).

  --John Abbe.....Thu Feb 17 12:11:04 -0800 2011

recursive fruit - interesting

  --John Abbe.....Mon Feb 21 20:34:51 -0800 2011