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I think this is fixed now.


It looks like the cardtype data got a little off, either by renaming or deletion or something.  Can you tell me what changes you recently made to company / organization cards?

Only change to cardtype was substituting for the default display. Similar change to Documents and Sessions didn't break creation. Can you describe the fix at all?

  --Joseph (Not signed in).....Thu May 19 18:25:51 -0700 2011

Currently, a card's type is stored in a text field in the cards table. Normally database design principles might persuade one to use a type_id number instead of text, especially since the type occasionally changes, but we do this because Ruby-on-Rails gives you a lot of automatic help when you follow this naming convention.


The type is stored not as the "name" of the card that you see in the interface, but as a "codename". Codenames never change, even when cardnames do -- so they're safe to refer to in the code.


When I looked at the data, I saw that Organizations+*type+*content had a type codename of "Organization1", but that codename was not associated with any of the cardtypes. I don't know how it got that way; something snuck past our data integrity defenses. This is something that an administrator could fix (or break) through the edit interface on that card, but since I didn't have permissions on the site, I changed it to "Company1", which is the "codename" that is still associated with the Organization cardtype. I don't recommend ever changing codenames directly without consulting with a developer. If you changed that manually at some point, that could explain this error).


My best guess, though, is that something else went wrong, but I haven't figured out where yet.


I'll say this, if you're managing to cause server issues we're not seeing elsewhere, you must be getting adventurous, which is great news!


Sorry about the bug.


- ethan

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Thu May 19 20:09:51 -0700 2011