Can't use TOC on type card

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I have a cardtype newsletter and I tried to set its TOC option and got the message below. I used the HTML editor and tried to get rid of the paragraph tags but that didn't help. Same trouble with a card of type newsletter




' is not numeric

It looks like the name of the "Number" cardtype got changed to "Number Type".  With our new rendering system, that will at present confuse wagn about which editor to use.  Because it gave you the wysiwyg editor, it got back "<p>4</p>".  This will soon be fixed, but in the meantime you can address this by changing toc settings to "Phrase" cards.


(copied from earlier email.  I went ahead and changed the default on your wagn; hope you won't have to see that any more)

Hey Ethan, Thanks so much for the "quick fix" but it still doesn't seem to be working for me (could very well be my problem)... I set TOC to 1 on my file newsletter cardtype card for all cards of its type and my card 2011 09-14 which is of card type Newsletter still has no table of contents. I also tried the same TOC setting on the 2011 09-14+*self set, also to no avail....

  --Peter Kindfield (Not signed in).....Wed Sep 21 20:18:09 -0700 2011

Oops... forgot to say... no more error message... just no visible result...

  --Peter Kindfield.....Wed Sep 21 20:20:36 -0700 2011

Hmm. I looked at the code, and it appears that TOCs will only work on Basic cards as of our recent modularization. This is not what we want. The good news is that this is the only Basic-specific code, so I don't think anything else was lost this way.


Thanks for letting me know!



  --Ethan McCutchen.....Thu Sep 22 10:06:15 -0700 2011