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I am new to Wagn, and I am currently experiencing an issue, that I would like to here, if there is a solution for.
I got a Process card and a Method card, which is Cardtypes.
The idea is that a Process card consists of a number of Method cards. The most ideal is that a user creates a Process card, they can choose between all the Method cards and add as many as they like. When they then view a Process card, the Method cards whould be shown in that card.
Is it possible to get this relationship between the cards?
You can call it a one-to-many relationship.

So sorry it's taken so long to reply to this. I've been wanting to write up a tutorial to answer this but just haven't found the time.


The short answer is that Wagn manages all relationships with Pointer and Search. Pointers assign the relationship, and searches detect it.


So the Process card might contain a +methods pointer cards for assigning related methods, and the Method card might contain a +process Search card. Or vice versa.


By default, this is a many-to-many relationship, but you can contrain this (eg via *option and *input rules on the pointer cards) to restrict it and create one-to-many, many-to-one, or one-to-one relationships.

--Ethan McCutchen.....2014-12-11 05:26:59 +0000