Confusion about card existence

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I put "state" in the "Go to card" and got an offer to create a new card. I wanted to make it a Cardtype, and when i clicked Create, got:

Problem with card State:
Confirmation required State has 4 dependents

So i created it just as a Basic card (which worked). Then i tried to delete it (i was going to create it in a demo), and got warned of several +state cards (eg John Abbe+state). But if they were there, shouldn't i have seen a state card in the first place when i put it in the Go to card box...?


I think this could be related (directly or indirectly) to recreate trashed cards when plus card is created

..which is now in testing. Going to call this "answered" since it's in the ticket system, though the issue may not be completely settled

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Fri Nov 19 14:22:22 -0800 2010