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I was trying to create a test account using a different email address to my admin one and I get the message:

"Email has already been taken"

But, when I look at the existing accounts none of them have this email address.

Further, when I attempt to reset the password for that email address nothing happens. Or at least, I don't know what has happened. I do not receive an email at that address and there is nothing on the screen to indicate that anything has occured.

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Is there some way of searching all of my cards for this address?


Is this on your own install or on one of our hosted wagns?


The first thing I would do would be to look in the "users" table to see if the email is listed there.  It shouldn't be there if there's not a card associated with it, but that table should help you figure out what happened.


Is it possible that this account is associated with the "Wagn Bot" card?


- ethan

It is on a hosted wagn.

It is not The Wagn Bot card.


Is it possible then to look at the users table directly? I have just been looking at the list of user cards.

  --Jono.....Mon Oct 10 08:41:20 -0700 2011

Oh, Jonathan, sorry, forgot you were Jono.


Apparently you signed up as "TestMember" with that email and then rejected the user. That meant that that email address had been rejected and blocked.


I removed it. In the future, you can do testing of this sort with your gmail address by doing things like: yourname+ or yourname+. Gmail ignores everything after the plus, so you can still receive this email, and wagn will treat each email as a different one.

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Mon Oct 10 08:49:08 -0700 2011

For future reference, for example if a user is accidentally rejected, how can I find the list of blocked email addresses?

  --Jono.....Mon Oct 10 10:21:07 -0700 2011

we don't currently have access to that via the interface but will after 2.0

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Mon Oct 10 19:32:13 -0700 2011