Errors receiving flexmail

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setup:*right+*send*right+email_config (add your address to receive the test)

to trigger an email:

then after submitting, click on the red "send announcement for..." link


Got one finally, not sure what was different about it. +*cc had still been a Basic card and I made it Phrase. Also, I had been deleting and recreating and decided to try a new one -- -- I got the email, with an error for Green Biz+description (which it turns out didn't exist). Ticket make flexmail handle nonexistent inclusions?


Already ticketed stop filtering angle brackets in Phrase and PlainText, which prevents adding names to email addresses.


A little more testing determines that I'm only getting email the first time I create a +email_announcement. Deleting it and creating it sends nothing. Not sure what to ticket to undo that (real use case, Jerry sent an invite twice just recently). Annoying, but I can move forward without it.

I fleshed out*right+email_config and triggered an email after making sure all of the inclusions would have real content, and am still getting errors on I think all the inclusions. I'll send another one with Ethan and Gerry as recipients so that you can see what it looks like.

  --John Abbe.....Tue Mar 01 01:18:22 -0800 2011

I've stripped*right+email_config to the bone, but I'm not getting any emails. The lack of feedback is very frustrating. +2 to add some indication of outcome of flexmail attempt


I set up*type+email_config and added a call, and got no email from that either.


Any thoughts or help figuring out what's going on most welcome.

  --John Abbe.....Tue Mar 08 03:57:30 -0800 2011

This isn't working either:*type+email_config

  --John Abbe.....Tue Mar 08 15:42:12 -0800 2011

working on these on staging server.

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Wed Mar 09 13:24:03 -0800 2011

we got all these working, right?

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Sun Mar 25 04:05:00 +0000 2012