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Hello, my name is Alex


  I am currently looking for tools/software to use on my website. I will be presenting thousands of different products on my site and will have a community to make comments, reviews of these products. Can Wagn do this? and how do I obtain this software for my site? If not, can you recommend any free products I can use on my website to do this? Thank you much.







Hi Alex! You could certainly use Wagn to build what you are describing. You would need to learn how to build things in Wagn,  for more on that see Become a Wagneer. And get started descibes the different ways of starting up your own Wagn. Feel free to ask  more questions as you explore things further. --John Abbe

Nice to meet you! Thank you for the information. I will study it well and get back to you when I can. Thanks again! :)

  --Ghost Kusanagi.....2013-03-16 16:20:54 +0000