I would like to help with the internationalization of WagN.

I'm from Russia, an experienced software developer, have experience in Rails programming and databases. I also freely speek in English.

My name is Mikhail V. Shokhirev, but friends call me Mike Shock. :-)


Cool! We are just about to take some first steps on translating, in fact I'll be blogging about it next week, and asking for people's help. You can already get some sense of where we are by following links from internationalization. --John Abbe, 2011-3-18


I believe there are at least 3 directions:

  1. localization of user interface: views, editor, etc.
  2. i18n of internal representation of cards
  3. national translations of documentation.

  --Mike_Shock.....Sun Mar 20 23:56:53 -0700 2011

I've copied this to the discussion on internationalization, and replied there.

  --John Abbe.....Mon Mar 21 12:32:31 -0700 2011