Numeric-but not numeric enough

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Cards resist being typed as Number.


I added +Hours to the structure of card type "Task", entered the rules to change the default of all +Hours to type Number, and recieved the error:

Problems with Email triage+Hours


' is not numeric

It does not matter what appears in the card, or if the card is being originated and has no content of any kind. Still " ' is not numeric." 

I even erased everything at the HTML level. Still ' haunts me.


What are you changing it from? If it's a Basic card, it may have html tags around it (eg <p>.25</p>).


Yes, Wagn should strip that when you change it to a number, but alas, it does not yet.


Workaround is to change to a phrase or plaintext first, clean the data, and then change to a number.

--Ethan McCutchen.....2018-03-01 19:24:40 UTC