Rolling at RecentChangesCamp

RecentChangesCamp is a wiki-lover's feast.  It's a conference about wikis in a very wiki-like conference format full of people passionate about the Wiki Way.


Several members of Wagn's core team, John Abbe, Lewis Hoffman, and Ethan McCutchen, helped get the first RecentChangesCamp going back in 2006, which is where they first started exploring the ideas for Wagn.  This year all three returned to Portland, OR for the event, where Wagn itself was being used as the conference wiki.


With all the wiki fanatics playing around with Wagn, we got to see Wagn really put to the test.  Looks like things turned out well -- the organizers of a new RecentChangesCamp event in Australia are going to be using Wagn too.  And John came up with some creative ways of organizing Session Notes that made great use of Wagn's simple dynamic features.


Thank you to everyone involved in RecentChangesCamp for giving Wagn a shot, for exploring, and for the terrific feedback.  Long live the Wiki!