Support Ticket


I cannot register for the patterns website of transition research

I tried to register and got the error message..


What was the error message?

--John Abbe.....2014-01-23 05:52:37 +0000

Hi John,


This follows on from the support ticket I posted recently, where the auto-redirect after creating a new account was going to the wrong address, so the account was not set up (a new card was created with the name entered, but a basic card without an account attached).


Ethan told us how to address this problem by editing some of the config files, and the redirect now goes to the right place, but for some reason it still creates a basic card rather than user. I can work around by changing the card type manually and have set Sebastian's account up that way.


There was no new account or user card, or new card of any type that could have been created by his efforts to sign up. I tried the account sign-up myself, and got the standard 'WAGN Hitch, Server error' message.

--Tom Henfrey.....2014-01-23 12:14:21 +0000

I've now heard a second person mention this problem. I need to find some place where I can reproduce it.

--Ethan McCutchen.....2014-01-24 22:14:07 +0000