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Setting are options about how a card looks and behaves.


It is easy to confuse the terms rules and Setting in Wagn; they are closely related.  For any given setting, there may be many rules.  For example, there is only one *autoname setting.  But there may be many rules about which cards should be autonamed.  See the rules card to learn more about how to use Wagn Rules.


Note: the +howto video is badly out of date and thus removed from this page.  We hope to update it soon.


Settings by category

help text

expand_more *add help
Basic :

[[|Help text]] people will see when adding cards.

Basic :

[[|Help text]] people will see when editing.



expand_more *create
Basic :

Who can create new cards.

Basic : Who can view cards in the [[set]].

expand_more *update
Basic :

Who can edit cards.

expand_more *delete
Basic :

Who can remove cards.

expand_more *comment
Basic :

Who can add comments.



expand_more *structure
Basic :

Controls cards' content / structure. [[|more]]

expand_more *default
Basic :

Template for initial type and content of new cards. [[|more]]



Basic :

Edit interface for [[Pointer]] cards.

expand_more *options
Basic :

Value options for [[Pointer]] cards. Can itself be a Pointer or a [[Search]]. [[|more]]

expand_more *option label
Basic :

Labels for [[Pointer]] radio button and checkbox items. [[|more]]



expand_more *on create
Basic : Configure events to be executed when card id created

expand_more *on update
Basic : Configure events to be executed when card id updated

expand_more *on delete
Basic : Configure events to be executed when card id deleted



Basic : Skin (collection of stylesheets) for card's page. [[|more]]

expand_more *script
Basic :

[[JavaScript]] (or [[CoffeeScript]]) for the page of any [[card]] in the [[set]].


Other settings

expand_more *accountable
Basic :

When "yes", users permitted to create [[*account+*right|+*account cards]] can add [[|accounts]] to these cards.

expand_more *autoname
Basic :

Autogenerate name for new cards by incrementing this value. [[|more]]

expand_more *captcha
Basic :

Anti-spam setting. Requires non-signed-in users to complete a [[|captcha]] before adding or editing cards (where permitted).

expand_more *layout
Basic :

Default page layout. [[ | more]]

expand_more *table of contents
Basic :

Autogenerate [[|table of contents]] when cards in the set have at least this many headers ("0" means never ever).

expand_more *thanks
Basic :

Destination after card is created. [[|more]]


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