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My interest has been growing since 3 years at A Virtual Horse game.  I would like to expand my knowledge of magic and science about making tack as in the Equilibrium guild.  I have been rider,

manufacturer and trainer.  NOW I AM in the Equilibrium guild.  I have read through the cards having

to do with AVH and I have found places where I could edit a card, or at least leave comments and

critiques to help with clarity where the writer went at fault.  I am a Poet Fhasellow from that

has 5 books in the Poet's Society of Poetry in the Library of Congress.  Also one publication item in the 

Honor House pubblication about the war heros.  I've graduated from many schools and health programs

and have 2 computers to which I give work and attention to the younger generation, and sometimes

have a higher calling.  I am a MHT, hold an AA, over 10 certificates and one diploma.  I am a Personal

Computer Programmer, graduated Foley-Belsaw, CST from UEI, won 5 Editor's Choice certificates

from poetry. com for 4 consecutive years + one a year later.  (Dealing among thousands of other poets.

I have worked with foodservice in the community and then expanded to computer food production on the computer hidden in games with mass production.  Taking up with SIMS since they were created and

helping such artistics as autistic successful BASIC ORIGINAL motor production.  I love computers, and I have exzemplorary reputation for an honest, rule following, thourough learner in subjects and projects.I would like to go through the steps to opening books in the Wiki and possibly improve AVH's correctness and printings to better help the gamers.  I have worked as an affiliate for a Game site new game tester.   And may go to online school to learn a trade I could work at home.  Otherwise, I am hoping to get the

permisssions and go up the ladder with progamming and other things I imagined could become of me and my readers.

.Signed, Appletree55

Shelley Maureen Thomas


Tampa FL 33613





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