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Is there a good way to have a card display its own last updated date?


Also, how do I find out where Wagn is getting its internal clock information? Because it's always wrong. It's ahead by 4 hours even though the server is in NYC and has its time correct.


It looks like your setup is using utc. (UTC is 4 hours ahead of EDT)


Wagn is just using the default ruby on rails behavior here; we basically named the fields "created_at" and "updated_at" in the db table and Rails does all the rest.


Since that's the case, something like the solution described here should work for you:


--Ethan McCutchen.....2014-10-09 18:06:14 +0000

(note to self) relevant code is here:

--Ethan McCutchen.....2014-10-09 18:13:09 +0000

I ended up including _Self|change on the card as a way to display when it was updated, but that looks bizarre because it also displays the name of the card on the same line as the update time. Is there a better way?

--Lora Friedenthal.....2014-10-09 18:51:12 +0000

oh, sorry, I missed the core question here.


There is an updated_at view and a created_at view.

--Ethan McCutchen.....2014-10-09 19:02:38 +0000

hmm. those two are expressed in time "ago":

{{_|updated_at}} = over 5 years

{{_|created_at}} = over 5 years


We also have these (which may be renamed at some point):

{{_+*when created}} =

Thursday, October 09, 2014 06:06 PM UTC

{{_+*when last edited}} =

Thursday, October 09, 2014 07:29 PM UTC

--Ethan McCutchen.....2014-10-09 19:06:35 +0000

the *when last edited is what I was looking for. Thanks!

--Lora Friedenthal.....2014-10-09 19:29:55 +0000