installation, RSS, and WQL bug squashing


Even with a large testing suite, all the refactoring for Wagn 1.6 left us with a few bugs, some of which had the bad habit of breaking new installations.  This release patches bugs old and new.


Three fixes in particular are key:

  1. a loading error in `rake wagn:create` has been resolved
  2. RSS is now validating properly
  3. Several odd WQL bugs have been tracked down and squashed (see tickets for details)





* fix `rake wagn:create` error

* refactor paging handling

* get RSS to validate correctly

* fix and within or

* fix broken WQL combining plus and or

* make *options work with "or"

* stop finding star-right inaccurately

If you're skipping Wagn 1.6, make sure you pay close attention to +Upgrade Notes)


Otherwise, should be a smooth one.  no new migrations.