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I just installed WAGN for eval. Even though I am extremely intrigued by the possibilities and flexibility it offers, it just runs way too sluggish to be used in any production environment. Even is very slow.

Is there anything that can be done to increase performance? My machine is of recent technology, I installed it into a Bitnami Ruby environment, using the "trial" instructions on

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated, as WAGN would be exactly what I need.


Thanks a bunch!!



This is a bit subjective to evaluate, can you give us some specifics about what you see and what you expect. hardware may be a bit dated, what are you running on?  Also, I see slower responses initially sometimes because there are a lot of cards to load, but the cache makes things speed up after the first hit.


And, I think there is a lot that can be done on the system engineering side to make it better.  -- Gerry Gleason

Thanks for the quick response!!

It takes at least 10 seconds for any operation to complete, including opening and viewing cards (even empty ones), saving, the autocomplete in the search box, etc.

But your post made me dig a bit, and I found that there may be an issue with the cache file - I see an error in the server log that it could not create the tempfile. Probably a file restriction problem in the directory I'm running wagn in. Will look to resolve that and also, I will try to run it on some beefier HW, even though my other ruby apps (redmine, mainly, and some personal projects) run rather swiftly on my machine.

  ---- Michael (Not signed in).....Sun Feb 13 08:12:17 -0800 2011

Oh yeah, 10+ seconds is not at all typical, sometimes things take 1-2 seconds, and only longer if there's complex querying/formatting involved. So it's probably not a hardware problem. Did you say you're seeing such delays even at 'Cause I'm not seeing that...

  --John Abbe.....Sun Feb 13 08:37:49 -0800 2011

Yes, the cache could make this happen. Wagn is growing increasingly cache-dependent, especially as more and more settings are stored in cards, and with our "sets/settings" architecture, finding even just one setting can sometimes take as many as 10 lookups. We've optimized this for cache lookups, not database lookups, so if your cache is broken and you load a page with a lot of cards on it, 10 seconds is going to be the fast end of what you get.


fwiw, hosting on is with SliceHost, which we've chosen to optimize reliability and scalability, not immediate performance. If you've got a new box, then you shouldn't be loading most pages in well under a second once you get the cache working.


Not to say that Gerry isn't right about engineering -- we expect to do a lot more performance optimization before wagn 2.0. But that's to knock it from a half-second to a quarter-second -- 10 seconds means something is wrong!

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Sun Feb 13 09:37:17 -0800 2011

Ok, I resolved the cache issue. It was a Windows installation issue... RTFM! I followed the instructions already posted on, and all seems fine now. Also installed on some beefier HW, which helped a bit also. It is running better now.

Thanks for all of your input!!

  --Michael (Not signed in).....Wed Feb 16 07:20:56 -0800 2011