add *request plus *thanks


add *request plus *thanks+status
add *request plus *thanks+priority
add *request plus *thanks+tag
add *request plus *thanks+commit

add *request plus *thanks+issues

right now *signup+*thanks handles signup success, regardless of whether signup requires approval.  there should be different cards for the two cases.


add *request plus *thanks+solution

requests should go to a card named *request+*thanks, and by default should point to another called "Request Sent" (or something)



After signing out of and Signing Up (which created an Account Request awaiting approval), i was still sent to Signup Success (*signup+*thanks) rather than Request Sent (*request+*thanks).

I tested this out on sandwagn in a couple scenarios, it looks good to me.

  --Lewis Hoffman.....Tue Mar 10 10:02:21 -0700 2009

One note- the InvitationRequest plus cards show up in recent changes as edited by Admin. not a big deal, just a polish item.

  --Lewis Hoffman.....Tue Mar 10 10:03:54 -0700 2009