The most prominent change in Wagn 0.12 is the big new search box — we integrated the two separate Search and Goto boxes at the top into one. We've also added RSS feeds on all Search, including Recent Changes.


A bit more hidden is the fact that accounts are no longer tied exclusively to User cards. Cards of most any type — like Company, for example — can now have accounts added to them. Conversely, it's possible to create User cards for people without having to give them accounts, and add accounts for them later. Also, Wagn administrators can now choose to let people sign up with or without invitation approval.


0.12 also ushers in some big improvements in adding new cards within cards, including smarter defaults and rendering them more attractively. Similarly, lists of items in Search and Pointer look a lot better, and it's now possible for cards created through a Pointer to default to a given cardtype.




+tickets by status


in progress






Migration is needed to fix existing cards where User in trash blocks name, email.

this blurb is a tad long for rubyforge release notes & news. I think about half would be ideal for those purposes, & it can be terse like news headline. not sure how that jives with other purposes for blurb.

  --Lewis Hoffman.....Tue Mar 10 13:13:30 -0700 2009