add n-depth inclusion syntax



in current inclusion syntax, you can set the view of the card you're including as view:viewname.  And for items in that view with item:viewname.  But you can't set it for the item's items.  or, for that matter, you can't set anything on that item except for the view (like, say, image size) 


get rid of "item" and go for a nested structure by changing:

{{cardname|viewname; item:viewname}} 



In other words, each pipe indicates a new depth of inclusion.  This could go as many levels as needed, would solve the aforementioned image problem as follows:





Adding some examples to make sure this doesn't have any yet-unseen hitches:

  • {{List of pictures|content;show:menu|size:icon}}
  • {{List of song-lists|content;show:menu|content;show:menu|audio}}
    (where the list is a Pointer, the cards in it are also Pointers, and the cards in it are audio files. audio is an imagined view to play audio files :-)
  • ??


Love it! Minor concern as it muddies the meaning of the pipe, making inclusion syntax a little less accessible to people first encountering it. On the flipside, adding a new symbol would also complexify the markup, so it's maybe the same amount of hurdle-raising either way. --John

Also the subject of Circle 25: new inclusion syntax.

--John Abbe.....2013-07-31 04:37:37 +0000


{{Image+*type+by_name|open;show:menu;item:titled}} (old way - can't specify size of images)


{{Wagn 1.12+open tickets|titled|titled;show:title_link;structure:short ticket view}}

--John Abbe.....2013-08-01 17:21:44 +0000