Syntax: {{Carnitas|edit}} (see discussion)



Deleted local tests.  Only makes sense to test on Wagn 1.8

it used to be that some of the logic for editing was in the controller, some in rails views, and some in wagn views, so when you went to render the edit view as an inclusion, it was only using part 3 and much of the logic and interface was missing (including, most obviously, the buttons).


Now, virtually all of the logic is in the wagn views, so including edit view is almost identical to going to /card/edit. I say "virtually", because there is one piece not yet fully unified: permissions. For example, if you don't have update permissions, then /card/edit/cardname will give the full error message you expect, while cardname?view=edit will render blank, much as what happens within a nested edit. This is obviously incorrect but does not need to be ticketed separately at this point, as that unification is wrapped into the broader refactors planned for 2.0.


So while there's still some work to do in this general area, the core refactor to "allow" full functionality for all views in inclusions is done.


There may also be some ongoing bugs, like tinymce not loading certain :editor views (generally addressable by having only one per card, I think), I think we should go ahead and close this ticket and track emergent issues elsewhere.

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Thu Feb 02 10:36:57 -0800 2012