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I frequently search for cards which are plus cards in some context, but I don't know (and don't care actually) which one.

Right now, I can't select the easy "Go To" navigation. It would be fantastic, if Wagn would show a choice of plus cards along with the obvious top level cards, etc. This could be offset optically from the other search results.


This could also be  a configuration option, which users could disable (else they won't find out about the feature) for performance, etc.

I search for "Procurement", and Wagn won't show Go To: Suppliers+Procurement directly, right now.


This is a tricky one that we've discussed a bit before. Plus cards can rapidly multiply the number of options you have, and it's hard to decide which ones to show in the search results.


for example, if you have procurement, process, problem, and protection all in one wagn, and you type "pro" into the search bar, how do you choose which combination of cards to show?


In general we tend to shy away from putting plus cards in the search bar, because those are confusing to most casual users. However, if you type Suppliers+, it will give all the plus cards beginning with Suppliers. (I realize that's not this use case). Another helpful trick is that if you're already on the Suppliers card and type "+", it will show you all the plus cards for suppliers.


I think one answer is that we'll probably want several mods to support different kinds of needs here, including Wagneering needs like yours.


In the meantime, my workaround for this case is typically to go to Procurement+*right+by name. You could wagneer something even faster if you added something like this.


name: r+*right+*structure

type: search

content: {"right":"_self", "limit":"1", "view":"open"}


That would mean that if you went to procurement+r, it would take you to a search card that found exactly one card ending in +procurement (in open view).


--Ethan McCutchen.....2014-01-12 18:01:00 +0000