CAPTCHA is an anti-spam device - usually a little picture of a word that a user has to type in before submitting a form. Wagn now uses a cool service called ReCaptcha, which uses the feedback from captchas to digitize books.



If you're not signed in, then when you try to submit a comment on the discussion below, you should see a captcha appear.



  --Anonymous (Not signed in).....Tue Jan 18 14:40:09 -0800 2011


How To

First, your Wagn must be configured with ReCaptcha keys.  If your Wagn is hosted at, then your keys are already configured for you.  If not, please see the "key configuration" section below.


Turning Captcha On and Off

To turn captcha cards on and off, edit the captcha setting in a card's rules.


The captcha setting is a toggle; when it's on, every card that a user can create, edit, comment on, or delete without signing in will require a captcha.  Naturally, captchas are never required for signed-in users.


Server/Key Configuration

If you are hosting your own Wagn, you will need to  register for ReCaptcha keys and add them to config/application.rb, like so:


    config.recaptcha_public_key  = '6LdhRssSAAAAAFfLt1Wkw43hoaA8RTIgso9-tvtc'

    config.recaptcha_private_key = '6LdhRssSAAAAAGwzl069pJQBdmzCZigm1nV-dmqK'



  • So far, spammers seem most intent on creating bogus accounts on Wagns.  We highly recommend using captchas for Sign up.



Where is this toggle? I don't see it for Sign Up cards.

--Lora Friedenthal.....2016-10-08 17:57:59 UTC