CAPTCHA is an anti-spam device - a mini test designed to distinguish between bots and humans. By default Decko uses a service called ReCaptcha


If you're not signed in, then when you try to submit a comment on the discussion below, you should see a captcha appear.


  --Anonymous (Not signed in).....Tue Jan 18 14:40:09 -0800 2011


First, your deck must be configured with ReCaptcha keys. 

Turning Captcha On and Off

To turn captcha cards on and off, edit the captcha setting in a card's rules.


The captcha setting is a toggle; when it's on, every card that a user can create, edit, comment on, or delete without signing in will require a captcha.  Naturally, captchas are never required for signed-in users.


Server/Key Configuration

If you are hosting your own Wagn, you will need to  register for ReCaptcha keys and add them to config/application.rb, like so:


    config.recaptcha_public_key  = '6LdhRssSAAAAAFfLt1Wkw43hoaA8RTIgso9-tvtc'

    config.recaptcha_private_key = '6LdhRssSAAAAAGwzl069pJQBdmzCZigm1nV-dmqK'



  • So far, Decko's spammers seem most intent on creating bogus accounts.  We highly recommend using captchas for Sign up.


Where is this toggle? I don't see it for Sign Up cards.

--Lora Friedenthal.....2016-10-08 17:57:59 UTC