captcha confusion

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+status*all+*captcha is set to no, defaulting captcha off. Is that to avoid breakage if Wagn installers don't register with the


Oddly, though that was last edited July 2010, I'm seeing too different values on Wagns created after that date:*all+*captcha*all+*captcha


Finally, I'm thinking we want to default captcha to on for Wagns we host. Does that make sense, and if so can we figure out a way to automate that (or at least make a note to set it that way by hand on new Wagns)?


re the different values, changes on english do not immediately take effect on new installs; we have to regenerate bootstrap data.  Best guess is that wholeness was before such a regeneration (that was kind of a slow period).


re hosted wagns, yes, I think so.  In fact, we should probably make captcha default on for *all if captcha key present.  If that's too hard we could implement in capistrano.