different WQL results in irrelevantly different contexts

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can't reproduce

On my Wagn, there's a "self-care+serves" Pointer with "Increased basic trust" in it. http://johnabbe.wagn.org/Advanced_Search finds "self-care", as does http://johnabbe.wagn.org/wagn/foo%2B*right%2B*content , but http://johnabbe.wagn.org/wagn/served_by%2B*right%2B*content does not. All three contain exactly the same WQL.


(The goal is for the latter to be of general use, by replacing "Increased basic trust" with "_self". If you do that, http://johnabbe.wagn.org/wagn/Increased_basic_trust+served_by also does not find "self-care", although the counter-example http://johnabbe.wagn.org/wagn/Increased_basic_trust+bar does.)


Looks like they all find self-care to me.

Geez, i swear it didn't before. Checked multiple times.


Anyway, as long as we're here, can you explain why http://johnabbe.wagn.org/wagn/Advanced_Search returns *right? http://johnabbe.wagn.org/*right+serves doesn't even exist.

  --John Abbe.....Fri Apr 30 13:17:55 -0700 2010

ok, that's weird. I mean, "serves+*right" does exists, so that meets the first requirement, but the refer_to part is very odd. You can work around by using "right_plus", but I don't get this.

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Fri Apr 30 13:32:40 -0700 2010

Yeah, that fixes it, thanks. --John

This also returns *right http://johnabbe.wagn.org/wagn/served_by+*right+*content

  --John Abbe.....Fri Apr 30 22:13:07 -0700 2010

Reproduced on test:


http://test.dwagn.org/wagn/incorrect_returning_of_star_right didn't return *right, until i created http://test.dwagn.org/wagn/author+*right+*default and now it does!


Ticket? As (until we know more) handle spurious return of star-right ?

  --John Abbe.....Fri Apr 30 22:25:50 -0700 2010