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(from Dayne on github)


If you click on 'edit' and start editing a page and then accidentally click on 'edit' again (yeah, dumb but some how I keep doing it) you will end up losing all of your changes.

It should perhaps:

  • disable the edit button when in edit mode

  • just ignore the button press if already editing

  • replace the 'edit' button with another copy of the 'save/cancel' buttons (keep delete hidden away below).

  • replace the 'edit' button with a "edit and discard changes" button since that is what it is currently doing.


Thanks for bringing this up.  I think anything that leads to lost work is a pretty key problem, so we need to do something about this.


In the short term we should be able to do something like one of your first two suggestions (disabling / ignoring the button).  In the long term, I think we might want something more sophisticated that will mark a card as being edited and prevent *any* unintentional navigation away from an edit.  Here are some of the other kinds of unintentional navigation that happen:


  1. clicking over to another tab while editing
  2. clicking over to another subtab while editing
  3. clicking to another tab/subtab on an including card while editing a card it includes
  4. clicking to go to a new page

To intercept all of these would be a significant challenge, but it could prevent lost work, which is probably the #1 cause of truly hating software.


For now we should record the broader solution as an "idea" and discuss how to implement.  But we may be able to get your more focused solution implemented soon.  - ethan