At the top right of every cards you'll typically see a card menus.  To edit a card, click on "edit" in the menu, or double-click anywhere in the content of the card.


This is one of the best acronyms in all of geekdom: "What You See Is What You Get". Most cards have a "wysiwyg" editor, which basically looks something like this (learn about using the wysiwyg editor):

editing bar

Some types, like Image, File, Pointer and Date, have different editors. If you edit an image or file, for example, you'll see a "Browse" button that lets you select a file on your computer.

Saving/cancelling and deleting cards

Underneath the editing area, you'll see "Save" and "Cancel" buttons. Click "Save" to save your edits, or "Cancel" if you want to leave the card as it was. If you have permissions, you'll also see a button for deleting the card.

Linking and Inclusion

See links and nesting to learn how to insert them when you are editing cards.

Tickets relevant to editing cards