layout and styling

When you're editing cards, above the text box you'll often see a toolbar containing buttons and a menu.


editing bar


Going from left to right...


The menu on the left lets you change the current paragraph into

Heading 1


Heading 2


If you have four or more headings in a card, then a table of contents will automatically be shown at the top of the card.


The big B and I will make any text you have selected bold or italic, respectively (and of course you can use both).


The button that's a big double quote...

...indents a whole paragraph like this (also known as blockquote), and also adds some vertical space from the paragraphs above and beneath.

editing bar
You use the next two buttons to make lists. The first creates:

  • plain
  • bullet point
  • lists

The second creates lists...:

  1. ...that
  2. are
  3. numbered. (If you look closely at the button you can see tiny numbers.)

Next is the button for adding horizontal rules like this:



The last button lets you look at and edit the actual HTML of what's in the text box. (Most HTML is normally stripped out. Set a card's type to HTML to use any HTML you like.)



  • To create some vertical space between paragraphs, just put two returns/enters.
  • The toolbar as described above is Wagn's default, but you can edit the TinyMCE configuration file right in Wagn to remove any of these buttons, or choose from a large selection of others to add styling options and other features.
  • The toolbar only shows up on cards that are RichText (the default cardtype), or any cardtypes created in that Wagn.