fix deeply nested forms



Sometimes clicking on "Create" to add a card in a deeply nested context does not work. In at least some cases, in Firefox the form is ending prematurely. A workaround for this is to edit the form and replace ps with divs.



√ = works now - try to upload a file to Portland Climate Plan - click on Multi-modal Intelligence at the end

√Go to the Edit...inclusions subtab, type some things in, and click save:

one two analogy


three four five blue


Still breaking (see below):


Can't test yet: - click on ADD MIRROR, can't Create



Early Steps wants to be able to upload multiple files on each paper now. That won't work unless we fix this. Example linked above; it just spins forever trying to upload.

  --John Abbe.....Sat Jun 27 01:51:56 -0700 2009

Removing browser conditional tags seemed to fix firefox forms. As best we remember this code was added to fix display issues in Safari-- like content running outside of cards. However in cursory initial testing we didn't see that issue coming up. Need more testing in both Firefox & Safari to see impact of this removal.

  --Lewis Hoffman.....Sat Aug 29 12:24:27 -0700 2009

Still busting — went to and clicked on "Add captimg1" and clicking Create does nothing. Trying to upload an image gets eternal spin. (That's in Firefox. Both things work on Safari.)


Tangentially, i discovered some HTML wonkiness across Firefox and Safari.


Testing the other examples would require someone adding a dwagn for, and recopying the content from to (i think the latter is more important, as the former is pretty well represented by the test.dwagn example).

  --John Abbe.....Thu Sep 10 12:05:05 -0700 2009

So do we move this back to open until we move ps to divs, or...?

  --John Abbe.....Sat Sep 12 02:36:21 -0700 2009

let's make a convert ps to divs ticket and close this one.

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Thu Oct 08 10:00:14 -0700 2009

convert p to div. closing...

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Wed Oct 14 10:34:00 -0700 2009