handle HTML entity characters properly



in links with < or > or & or £ (or many other characters) those characters get interpreted as HTML entities. Everything works fine, but the key for "less< than" will be "less_lt_than", for "British£ money" it will be "British_pound_money", etc. Could lead to some weird unexpected results (eg the key for "antique pound" will be the same as for "antique £" - other HTML entity names may be more prone to creating confusion [this is also on the mini-design list]


Some testing needed to identify what characters trigger this vs. handle Unicode characters properly.


Authoritative names can have html entities, unicode, or whatever.  But for keys they all need to be converted to a standard.  So html entities should be translated into unicode for keys.


If you don't want html entities in the name, you can turn off entity encoding in tinyMCE.  We could also decided to disallow entities in names, but that's out of scope here.



may need to look at url_key generation to make this work.

ok, keys and url_keys now both handle html entities. there may be more discussion of specific handling, specific characters, etc, (including some issues with the ampersand thing above and creating from links) but most should probably be tracked separately.

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Fri Nov 05 11:50:59 -0700 2010