Links and Pointers often reference cards that don't yet exist. We track these, but don't yet have a way to return them via WQL.



refer_to can simply be expanded to work when it's given the name of a card that doesn't exist. It still returns cards like most WQL.


referred_to_by is a little trickier:


{"referred_to_by": ["KIND", CARDDEF]}


Where KIND can be existing, nonexistent, or both. (Default is both? existing?)


Any nonexistent cards it returns should render the same as with "append"/"prepend" - gray "ADD CARDNAME" which you can click on to create that card.



Ethan wrote:


seems like you'd rather just have refer_to and some way to specify whether it returns "now" cards, "future" cards, virtual cards, or some combination.

Big question is, what does this WQL return?  What are you seeing in the interface?  if it just needs to return a cardname, then we might be able to make this much simpler by curtailing the query at the reference stage.

refer_to just returns cards, right? referred_to_by can return existing and/or non-existent cards or both; when might anything return virtual cards?


I imagine returning any non-existent cards the same as with "append" / "prepend", as i've proposed above.

  --John Abbe.....Sat Jun 06 14:48:14 -0700 2009

no idea how we could build this yet, so changing to "idea"

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Tue May 11 13:47:56 -0700 2010

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