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Whereas traditional web development stumbles whenever data structures emerge that weren't envisaged at the onset of the project, Wagn embraces the idea that structures will ...
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"Flexmail" is a now-outdated Wagn term for our former handling of customized emails.  It was based on the former *send setting, which by default
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types are a powerful tool for organizing information on Wagn. Every cards has a type, and that type




Email cardtype, tform has +subject (Phrase), +body (Basic), +to (Pointer, autocompletes on *account cards). "Magically" has send button. Once it is sent, that button disappears, and those fields become locked. Also includes virtual card: +date sent.


Other possibilities: +attachments (Pointer of file/image cards), offer/expose more headers, etc. Once we implement Pointer validation, +to could also validate on *accounts cards and email addresses (hrm, this latter sort of raises the question of Pointers to non-cards, though it could be special-cased). When we implement groups, +to could autocomplete and validate on groups of *account cards as well. (needs wql extension to be able to find only Pointers in which the cardtype of every is such-and-such?)



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You could certainly do this now.  I don't think we'd want it as a built-in.  Man, I want wapplications.

(now I do think we'd want it built in)

  --Ethan McCutchen.....2013-04-05 17:56:25 +0000

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