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implement partial absolutization+example shows "_2+_1" where it should show "Businesspeople Playing+Follow the Energy" and "follow-energy-image+Follow the Energy". Probably involves the double nesting:*type%2B*content includes*right%2B*content which includes*right+*content


Guessing that because looks fine, using*right+*content , anyway not taking the time right now at least to explore in more detail what triggers it.


I think the problem is simpler.  The link is referring to the correct card (works correctly if you click it), it's just not labelled as you'd like, in that it's not "absolutizing" the name.  My guess is that it's not doing that because we want "+whatever" to showup as "+whatever", not "foo+whatever".  I guess we're going to have to deal with partial absolutization.  hmm. --Ethan

There are no inclusions of form "+foo", just stuff like "_2+_1" -- see*right+*content

  --John Abbe.....Tue Jan 04 21:30:50 -0800 2011

man, I really had this wrong. the issue wasn't about absolutizing (creating the full name) but about creating what we call the "showname" in the code. the to_show function wasn't handling either the number syntax or the _LR stuff. That was an easy fix. Even though the name is a bit misleading and mismatched with the problem (my bad), I think we should go ahead and close this ticket.

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Sat May 14 11:36:03 -0700 2011