make card expansion work in IE



clicking on a card title (or the arrow to the left) is not expanding the card in certain browsers.



Tonya (from early steps) had this issue (reproduce by signing in and searching on May 13):


make card expansion work in IE+example+Image


So the first step here is to figure out which browser.  If quick tests in IE6 and IE7 don't reproduce this, I'll write her back and ask for more - efm.

It looks to me like things are working pretty well now. I tried this out in both ie6 and ie7 in a few contexts, and I also had quick looks at ff, safari, and chrome (which now gets almost as much traffic on as ie6) I also added some fixes for IE. There was a space above the card-header in the sidebar, and the pointer editor was showing the text badly sunken. both are now patched on ang.

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Mon Jun 01 16:21:43 -0700 2009