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shows the paging interface for Basic and Search, but not Image, Phrase, PlainText, User or Pattern. does the same (except there are no Pattern cards there). does the same except it does offer the paging interface for User cards.


Different cards in the first example are offering/not offering the paging interface, but it's still inconsistent.


Also see Search Limit Doesn't Work

OK, I have posted a fix to this bug on ang. Gerry's description of the problem was very apt:


"Putting a limit value in a search does limit the search, but the _paging template gets the default limit of 20, not the one passed in, so if you have more than the limit, but less than the default limit, you don't get the paging controls."


On a lower level, what was happening was that the algorithm to determine whether paging was needed was using the wrong variable(the contextual default parameters rather than the parameters after processing overrides).


That explains all the problems in the above examples.

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Mon May 03 12:23:15 -0700 2010