Given the robustness of its data structures and reusability, Wagn has the potential to be a — if not the — premier tool for organizing things. Where "visualization" tools typically are only for browsing, a strength of Wagn is that you can edit content and relationships wherever you see them. Improving Wagn's organizing capabilities serves two audiences: people using Wagn to organize & interconnect things in general, and Wagneer (i.e., good tools for organizing forms, searches, etc.).


Tools we draw inspiration from, or would like to be as good as or better than:

  • iTunes (for media)
  • development environments — autocomplete, lookups, folding, etc. (after all, for Wagneers, Wagn is a development environment)
  • FileMaker Pro — ease/power of creating layouts
  • ?


Other possible inspirations:

faceted search - video at


spatial navigation: